Monday, October 24, 2011

Hong Leong Hello Kitty Debit Card (2011 Limited Edition )

                       Last week, i found out from my colleagues that Hong Leong Bank Berhad Malaysia launched  Hello Kitty Limited Edition  Debit Card for those who are new Hong Leong Bank savings account holders and existing Hong Leong ATM card holders. The first thing came into my mind that time was i gonna to have one for myself since i do not have any accounts in Hong Leong Bank. I am a Hello Kitty fans since secondary school when i met one girl named Michelle who LOVE Hello kitty that time, influence by her, i also start craving for everything relates to Hello Kitty. I am freaking happy that i manage to get one of this limited edition Hello Kitty Debit Card one day after i knew about it. 

              Official Launch of Hong Leong Bank Hello Kitty Debit Card 
                      Source From: Star Publication (M) Berhad (2011)

                              My Doggy holding my brand new 
                         Limited Edition Hello Kitty Debit Card                    
                            (Wearing Sun Glasses Act Cute?)

                               See Doggy also very happy to see my 
                      Brand New Limited Edition Hello Kitty Debit Card ^^*

                   Want to be one of the owner of Hello Kitty Limited Edition Hello Kitty Debit Card? What are you waiting for....Let's go and get one of it from the nearer Hong Leong Bank Branch surrounding you. For more information about this new product offer by Hong Leong Bank Berhad Malaysia, please go .Remember that this is LIMITED EDITION, you know what i mean ^^* 

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Playing For Change Song Around the World Don't Worry_WMV V9.wmv

This one also awesome...Pretty cool....I Love it....Enjoy this song my dear visitors....Let's cheers for life...

The Positivity Movement - "ONE LOVE"

Awesome song done by people from different countries...I love when i heard the lyrics of "Let's get together and be all right''.....ONE LOVE....Share to all my lovely blog's visitors in the world<3

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Month in PINK

Has been long time i never update my blog. I am really a lazy bone, always find some excuse for myself not to blogging. There are many things can be share throughout this few months but my laziness tell me that i have to go sleep and eat instead of sitting down, turn on my blog and update it. OK, where shall i start to share since i got the energy to blog (Excuse again :P)....

Let's talk about October. What will be happen in the world every year during October time? Year going to be end? NO. Time to clear annual leave? NO....Oh yeah, that is Month full of Pink? Why am i saying that October will be month of PINK? That's because October is the Breast Cancer Month in the world. There are increasing number of woman in the world facing Breast Cancer problems. Previously, a lots of people do not understand about breast cancer, or maybe they are just not willing to face this kind of problem. Thanks for those Non- profit organization which always come out with some campaigns and counselling section to those who having breast cancer and woman in the world to create awareness. Thanks to them so our ladies nowadays start to take this issues seriously. Breast Cancer is not the end of our life, anyone of us might face this problem in our life so we have to support those woman who facing breast cancer problem. This is because we wouldn't know that what will be happen towards us in the future, we never help others when we can, one day something happen nobody willing to help us too.

Attached picture below which i got it from . Hopefully this can help my dearest woman in the world to examine their breast before it is too late. Prevention always better than cure. If we are unable to prevent, at least we find out early before too late. Woman, please remember that nobody will love our body more than we do. If you not willing to go for medical check up every year. Please at least examine by your own every months. You deserve a healthy life. Eat properly and have a great life. Remember that, you are what you eat.Please control yourself and practice good eating habits.

Source from:

Thursday, June 2, 2011



Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Daughtry - What About Now

I love this song so much just because it was about the other side of the world which we never see. We always care about hope we live, craving of something more than right now. But we didnt see how others live on in the other side of the world. I am a normal girl but i hope to do whatever i can to help somebody in need. So, i will try my best to help everyone if i can...Hope all readers can enjoy this music video more than i did...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Prudent? Frugal?

Nowadays i realize that i always spent more than save. When i see my saving account, i will shock where my money goes? Even myself also unable to answer this question.

End of February, i bought a book from MPH,mid valley. The book was written by a Japan author who are sharing her ideas of how to do budgeting. At the beginning of the story, she talk about how she always fell during the end of the month. She realize that her savings come to zero amount,she will shock that where is the money gone. When she sat down and think back,she just realize that she always spent her money in those goods or food that are unnecessary. One day, she went for a secondary schoolmate gathering party, she heard that most of her friends are having cars, house, always travel and etc. When she look at her friends and look at herself, she will start to feel regret. Because of that, she decided to have a budgeting plan for herself. It was really a funny and awesome book which can used to describe me.Below are some useful methods sharing by the author:-

a) always note down what you spent each day.
b) Note down what is your Needs and Wants
c) you can enjoy your life for going some entertainment such as clubbing,
High Tea and etc but make it only once a month. Once a month will make
you more enjoy for the valuable moment
d) open different account,such as future account (saving for future needs)
and spending account (which the money can use for emergency case)
e) Set how much you want to spent per day (Can't spent more than that but
save the balance amount.
f) Once you know how much you would like to spent each day, combined 1
weeks budget money in one envelope, which mean you need to have four
envelopes each month for 4 weeks.Only can open the envelope each
beginning day of a week to avoid spending to much.

Besides the book, i found a useful website AKPK. This website contain few articles relates to the financial management. Below are some points which i feel is important to know:-

Reduce Daily Expenses- Before buy anything, ask yourself:-
a) Do i really Need this?
b) Can i get it cheaper somewhere else?
c) Can i get it for free?

Few things to think:-
a) Which spending can't cut?
b) What is the minimum i need to live?
c) Which spending is NEEDS and which is WANTS?
d) What would happen if i delayed some of my spending?
e) Can i buy cheaper substitutes?

Other than that, in order to be a smart saver, we need to write down our goals, what we really needs and wants. Needs are usually a main spending for us but a want is preventable. As WANTS is just how we maximize our satisfaction instead of really need it for daily survive.

Hopefully everyone after reading my blog will know what to do in order to achieve their goals of travel aroung, own their new property and etc. By posting this blog, i hope that myself can also did a budgeting plan which suitable me and no need to take so long time i can able to travel any countries that i like. All the best to all my readers.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pending of my new blog post

My apologize to those who always read my blog. Has been long time i never update my blog as my Final Exam for Degree level is going on. Is hard for me to update my post. So, the only thing i can do is share nice song from Youtube to everyone...Will be back to my blogging life soon.....

阿穆隆 许茹芸 男人.女人 MV完整版

Argh,the song is nice but guy really hard to believe...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Please Promote this website....

Found a very good website where people can adopt those pity cats and dogs for free......Anyone want pets can contact them.....Animal's life are also valuable as human being.....So please care about them....

Saturday, October 2, 2010

FYP submission count down

Haiz,again FYP....FYP submission are coming to my door side.....Count down 4 days....what should i do??
This few days my gastric keep on interrupt me......very pain.....even now also very pain.....Haiz,life so suffering for what........Suddenly think of go oversea....Actually not suddenly, i was planning long time ago but now the thinking of go oversea keep on increase.....i want to to more wider sky that i want........

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Tired~~tired~~~extremely tired~~~hard to describe my tiredness now...Morning class from 9.30am - 3.30pm, after that heavy rain...waiting rain to stop but it was so heavy rain then i choose to walk to main campus by sharing one small umbrella with my classmate...after that went to office stay until 6pm...continue with peacock dance practice..After that went to interview supermarket...Until 11pm only manage to come back home....i am so tired....5 assignments plus Final Year Project....Why life so tough and tired....still need continue like this one month plus...Tired with my life,everyone holiday enjoy and study but i work,everyone after class go back rest but i work,everyone weekend go relax but i work.....Haiz,when can i enjoy my life? As i always think that is fine for me to work a lot since i am young but when the time passing,i will feel why i do not have lifestyle? why i never enjoy the time of being a student at least? haiz,this is life.....I just want a good rest....

Saturday, September 18, 2010

My 1st blog in Chinese


Thursday, September 2, 2010


Today,i talk to her...She said if she is the one,she will be appreciate...Does it mean i do not know how to appreciate? My tears slowly came out from my eye...i try myself to be strong but i can't...I thought at least she can understand me but i am wrong...Nobody understand my feeling...Nobody understand what i have been through until i became like this...If don't know my feeling please do not say something i feel is hurt...Life full of why...Life full of question marks...And who know it? Nobody know nor understand it...Just let it be...Heart feel sad,very sad because of nobody understand the feeling inside...But i think no point for anyone to understand it...As life still need to going on....Until the day i stop breathing.....Please be silent if don't understand my needs and wants....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Today's feeling

Everyday wake up in the morning, we need to thank God give us a chance to stay matter what happen in a day,just put it aside....there might be a solution maybe not now but future...Try myself to be happy every moment because i dont know when i will be leaving the world...
I always tell my friends, if one day i leave this world please do not feel sad about it...Because it might be freedom for me, free from everything....Leaving just a process of human being,the human life cycle....God Sakyamuni Buddha spent his entire life to discover how to prevent sick and die...He give up his luxury life just because he wanted to help the people in the world...But at the end,he was passed away...A lot of things in our life are out of our control...For me, if one day i leave the world,i will not feel sad or reluctant to part because that is nothing value for me to miss...
Life is so unpredictable, you not gonna to know what will be happen next second...What you get from the world, you need to return it back to the world...You will not bring anythings along with you....

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bon Jovi - It's My Life


What is life? I think nobody can answer it accurate...Yesterday think a lot and also drink a lot in Opera Sunway...I hate the feeling of never drunk,if drunk at least temporary i can forget everything even forget the world...
Sometimes, i think myself like weeds...I can grow up strongly by myself just like what weeds did. When people close to the weeds it might step on it but it does not mean the weeds will die. Weeds still can grow again if the root of the weeds still there. Same as me, no matter how many things happen in my life since i was born, i still try not to give up so easy. Same as weeds, i can survive alone without anyone. Same as weeds, if people come to us they will just bring us pain. Same as weeds, no need to fertilize and irrigate. The more people fertilize and irrigate only will make us become more weak and it is not what weeds want even me. my life, everyone have their own life...Plans in the life are also different...How much i wish my life can be meaningful...The meaningful of the life is giving love to the world who needed...That is the only love i know and willing to come out...

Monday, August 30, 2010


Argh, now start to worry about my FYP...Who can help me right now?? I am so scare and worry about it...Hope those companies will let me interview or else i really can go suicide >.<'' What a life so stressful...Temporary stop blogging mode...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alicia Keys - No One

Alicia Keys - "If I Ain't Got You" -plus lyrics-

Good song sharing...This song was awesome...Love Alicia Keys

Friday, August 27, 2010

Wings Music Cafe

Tonight, Oops is 2am now so is consider yesterday night, i was went out with dearest Celine to the Wings Music Cafe in Puchong. This was my first time went to music cafe enjoy the live band. The ladies singer was Celine's friend that why we went there for supporting her. Her voice is so sweet and the way she sing was just like a professional singer. Anyway, thanks for Celine to introduce me new friend, it helps for my social networking....The place was just nice but so sad that i couldn't manage to take picture of it...At least i manage to find its website and share some of the picture that i got from the website in my blog.

Wings Music Cafe in Puchong

New friend Tze Ying, she is a singer of Wings Music Cafe, her voice so sweet, please feel free to go support her BUT please check based on her schedule that which branches she is located before going

Anyway, Thanks for Celine brought me there :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

AIDS-Play Safe Campaign on campus

Today APIIT/UCTI got the campaign about play safe which organized by the condom brand Durex. I was not suppose to be there attend the campaign but at the end being called up by my classmate to join the talk.
Anyway, it was quite interest talk which talking about drugs taker should use new needle instead of continues using same needle or sharing among themselves. And the speaker was telling that where we can get the clean and new needle. Are they encouraging people taking drugs? this is one of the student that asked in the talk. I am agree with him in some manner but sometimes is we are unable to prevent people taking drugs,the only way we can do is persuade them use new needle and throw it away after using.
Anyway, after the talk we are getting something in return....Want to know what is that? See the pics that i sharing below~~~Oops,by the way,i manage to see ladies condom today,can you imagine there are one type of condom which design for girl? So sorry that i can't manage to take the condom's picture to show but trust me it was so disgusting when you know how to use it (i mean girl use it)....

This is the goodie bag that they we get~~~

Guess what is this....

This is what inside the goodie bag that given by Durex...

Anyway, please play safe if you want to do so or else do not play for your own risk
Prevention is always better than cure
Love yourself and Love those who loving you
Be sincere and loyal to your beloved one~~~
Condom is available in many supermarkets , 7-11 and those mini markets near neighborhood so PLEASE PLAY SAFE

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Philippine SWAT storm bus with hostages in Manila

The video of the incident, after watch please remain 1 minutes silent to show respect to those victims who sacrifice their valuable life in the incident...May God bless them....Rest in Peace...

Miserable incident

Today read the newspaper about the Manila former police officer Rolando Mendoza who upset at having lost his job, held hostage a busload of tourists from Hong Kong on yesterday (23/08/2010) and killed eight of them before being shot dead...What happen with the world right now? A lot of people unable to survive under pressure are choose to use stupid ways release their undesired feeling with the world...Alright, commit suicide might be a way to end a valuable life but is it necessary to kill people in order to satisfy themselves?
A lot social issues around the world right now. Some people they want to stay longer life but end up their life are so short at the end but those who want to finish their life early might end up stay wealthy than others. I do not understand the theory behind it, maybe is just god sake. Human being from born until grow up then become old and maybe sick after that dead are the process of the human life cycle but why sometimes people never appreciate the time that given by God do the right things and deserve the right. I personally believe on Karma, no matter what we do at the end something will be return maybe not now but in the future or it might goes to your beloved who suffer karma on behalf of you.
The only thing i can mention is that life is valuable, appreciate every single moment that God and the world giving you. People can do something bad with us but we can choose forget it and just be ourself because no matter what happen we do, something might be in return in the future. Do more charity works, love and care about people beside you who deserve it, help the public as much as you can, and be a better person....Last thing that want to say is please remain 1 minutes silent to console the spirit of the Hong Kong victims who dead in the Manila incident......Wish them rest in peace...